Coral Splash! Woven 12" Bowl

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When was the last time you wore coral? Never? Well that’s ok because it takes less boldness to let your wall or kitchen counter to wear it! Boasting a half moon of pastel pink and rose gold plus an unexpected streak of coral, this basket will mesmerize both you AND your girlfriends. They'll want to pluck it off your wall! Just like you, this bowl embrace its femininity but isn't shy to let its playful and bold side shine through.

  • 12"W x 3" H
  • Hand dyed in pink, coral,  rose gold
  • Made from locally sourced fibers: strands of sisal wrapped around bunches of sweetgrass
  • Includes a loop on the back for hanging

*Due to the handmade nature, some slight variations in color and size may occur.

    Product Care

    Spot clean with water and cloth.
    Bright colors will fade in direct sunlight.

    About the Maker Indego Africa

    Indego Africa is a nonprofit organization started in an effort to help empower women in post-genocide Rwanda. Indego partners with cooperatives of world-class artisans in Rwanda and Uganda, composed of women and refugees, in fair trade of their handcrafted products. 100% of its profits is used towards long-term skills training programs in financial management, entrepreneurship, literacy, and computers to the artisans and local youth. The programs are administered by top Rwandan university students.

    Indego Africa is additionally a member of the Fair Trade Federation.