As a boutique, our primary criteria in choosing our partners for our products is ensuring our partners are using fair trade practices. Fair trade means that staff are working in safe conditions, paid fair wages, and have worker rights. Most of our partners are members of the World Fair Trade Federation or carry the NEST Seal of Ethical Transparency. 

Below are more criteria that were important factors in choosing our partners.

Sustainably Produced

Materials are harvested in regard for the environment, stewarding the precious resources of the land. Our partners are locals who understand what the materials take from the earth and what they must replenish. Additionally, the materials are locally grown resources native to the land, to minimize their carbon footprint. Any excess product is as much as possible, repurposed and recycled into production.

Environmentally Conscious

Threads are hand dyed without harmful chemicals. Artisans are also additionally trained to wear protective equipment when handling dyes. Afterwards, dyes are carefully disposed of to not harm the environment.

Fair Wages

Many of our partners are part of the World Trade Federation, meaning they must provide fair and living wages to their artians. Our partners honor the time and skill that go into making each and every product. Price per unit is agreed upon between our artisan partners and production teams when a purchase order is placed, taking into account the cost of materials and the number of days it takes to make each product. Many of our partners are nonprofits so any profits made are reinvested back into programs that invest into the artisans themselves and their community development.

Locally Driven

Our partners have local leadership who work with the artisans. In the design process, they respect the time honored traditions and technique but work collaboratively to modernize the design to the modern consumer.