Checkered Baby Blue Trinket Basket

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Versatile atop a mid-century, airy room or a complement to an eclectic, colorful home, this baby blue checkered trinket basket is for you. It can act as the final pop of color in a neutral space or the addition to a medley of playful 70’s patterns in a living room or entryway. Mini sized for your car keys, airpods, chapstick, paperclips, spare change, and more.

  • 4"D x 2"H
  • Hand dyed in baby blue, navy,  and white colors
  • Made from locally sourced fibers: strands of sisal wrapped around bunches of sweetgrass

*Due to the handmade nature, some slight variations in color and size may occur.

Product Care

Spot clean with water and cloth.
Bright colors will fade in direct sunlight.

About the Maker Kazi

All Across Africa, the parent company of the premium home product line Kazi, is a social enterprise that economically and socially empower artisans in Rwanda and Uganda. The organization provides fair living wages and good working conditions for artisans and proudly carries the Nest Seal of Ethical Transparency. Through their partnership, artisans have been able to have the means to send their children to school, open savings accounts, afford healthcare, and reduce hunger.